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London body to body massage

London body to body massage

The joy of closeness

The success of any kind of massage therapy lays in making the client feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible even before the massage session has started. The same goes with our London body to body massage sessions – the sensuality and the eroticism will never reach their highest peaks unless you acquaint yourself for a bit with the masseuse. That is why, in the beginning of the session, you will have a small talk with your lovely therapist. This will also give her a chance of finding out what are your needs and why you have appealed to our services at London tantric massage place.

Another special moment which is meant to bring the two of you together is the oriental London massage, which will take place just before the session has started. This isn’t about cleansing the body but about getting as close as possible to her – the intimacy won’t be just of sexual nature, but it will also be a spiritual one.

Only after she has revealed herself completely in front of you will the actual London body to body massage session begin. This technique, also called body sliding, is an extremely sensual one and will take place on a very comfortable air mattress. At first, your beautiful masseuse will straddle you and pour copious amounts of gel on your body – this will enhance all the sensations and make the entire experience even more pleasant.

After you are soaked with all the special gels and oils, she will start sliding up and down your body. You have never experienced true femininity if you haven’t visited us. These beautiful ladies have all the necessary experience to make you feel wanted. In no time you will find yourself hard as a rock and, as you can imagine, you don’t have to hide at all your excitement.

Your lovely masseuse won’t shy away from releasing all the tension from your body. This, of course, includes also the sexual tension which has kept you from truly relaxing at other massage parlours.

The final step of the London body to body massage session is dedicated entirely to your intimate area. Also known as a lingam massage, this technique will have her focusing on your penis, testicles and perineum. And while you might think that this will bring you on the verge of exploding immediately, our talented masseuses know plenty of tricks that will make you last longer.

It is very important to follow the masseuse’s lead and not to hurry her into making you ejaculate. If you do listen to her, the pleasure you will feel in the end will be more intense and will last longer than anything you might have experience before. What will follow is the perfect state of relaxation – feel free to close your eyes as she is covering you with a soft white sheet and lays besides you, caressing your testicles. She is there for you to enjoy her – nobody is in a hurry now, so you can linger for as long as you want.

Call us now and these and even more will be yours. Our beautiful and experienced London body to body massage therapists are ready to show you what it really means to be close to a beautiful woman.

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The wonders of a full body massage London

The wonders of a full body massage London

The wonders of a full body massage London

We all feel sometimes like we need to escape the stressful life that we live; the late work hours, the bills, the busy schedules, it all adds up and at some point we just need to unwind, to refill our batteries and just get a moment o peace. It is very important for our body and mental health to keep a balance in our life and to compensate the busy times with some moments of tranquility. Talking a full Tantric massage Mayfair might be the perfect cure for you, just a treat to make you take your mind of the daily worries and stress.


Our massage salon is the perfect place where you can find some peace of mind and some treatment for the tension you’ve accumulated. So either you’re just looking for a quit place and take some time off to unwind, or maybe you need to loosen up those knots in your muscles, we have the cure for you and the perfect treat. If you choose a full body massage London, are a surely in for a treat: head to toe treatment, every inch of your body pampered by a gorgeous masseuse and you just relax and enjoy the time.

We have the most gorgeous and most highly trained masseuses; their almost goddesses of their species, lovely and fun to be around, always carrying a big smile and quite playful, ready to take care of you and your ever need and desire. You’ll be treated like a king, in the talented hands of these goddesses of pleasure and you’ll be so relaxed, you may think you’ve gone to heaven. Their talented hands know exactly how to play with pressure and touches, where to touch gently and where to apply pressure and the entire experience will be worth every penny.


The full body massage London is one of our most popular services and includes whatever type of massage you prefer, only that your entire body will get the special treatment and you’ll be more relaxed than ever. The service will also include an Indian head massage, which is based on a thousands of years of practice with multiple benefits; it can boost circulation and overall immunity, detoxifies the body, releases any symptoms of sinusitis and relives any tension, which is often the cause for headaches and back pain and improves your sleep. And the other parts of your body will get the same therapeutic treatment, with multiple benefits for your overall state of wellbeing. It is well known that a massage has a variety of benefits and it greatly improves your health by revitalizing and energizing the immune system. A full body massage London will have a great effect on your blood circulation, which is responsible for oxygenating the most important organs and for carrying the vitamins and the essential nutrients throughout your body. The effect will be a more relaxed and more energized you, with a boost of confidence and a more positive attitude.


Our masseuses are trained to perform a variety of massages, from the therapeutic Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and the more erotic types, Asian inspired like the yoni and lingam massage, prostate massage, body to body massage, naked body massage, you name it and they will make it happen. And each time you visit us you will surely have a great experience because our very skilled masseuses are very experienced and will make each massage special by adding their personal touch. A full body massage will be the perfect way to relax and enjoy a special time.